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I can’t tell you enough how grateful we are for this program. Paul is grateful too. He was very bad in reading when we started: couldn’t even hear the sounds in words, always made mistakes on the short words and always guessing and he has issues focusing too. His reading has moved up to an age appropriate level I would say and what’s maybe even more important is that his confidence is no longer low. He doesn’t feel that he’s a bad reader anymore. At the beginning of grade 2 I heard him say a lot that he is “stupid”. I don’t hear that anymore or if he says it, it is more in joke and not really believing it. The “Hank Zipzer” series that I’ve been reading to him also helped in that respect. I also learned something very important that surprised me: I always thought that you get the best results by doing a lot. Maybe this works for my eldest daughter, but not for Paul. I saw with my own eyes that 5 minutes of reading what he likes and what interests him are more effective than 20 minutes of reading by obligation. – D