A video popped up in my Facebook feed. The caption was something about ~ the reason your child guesses when reading. This guessing business was / is our BIGGEST problem. I listened to David’s explanation and immediately signed up for the trial without looking at another thing. Everything he said made TOTAL sense based on the frustrations we were having with Steyr reading.

We’ve done ABC Mouse, More Starfall, a bunch of iPad apps, etc… I expected it would be different from those, but didn’t really know what to expect. I LOVE that the games aren’t like ABC Mouse & Starfall. Sooooo much time wasted on the reward activities instead of working on learning material. Your material is 100% learning, all the time. LOVE this.

He read the word finger today. I about choked on my coffee! It works. He enjoys it. MUCH less fighting to get him to do this system, than the other things. These games are REALLY boy friendly. Not that they aren’t girl friendly, but… often times getting a boy’s interest in homework of any kind is MUCH harder than a girl. If you can’t slam it, kick it, throw it, roll on it, toss it in the mud, remove its wheels, then boys couldn’t care less. They merely endure. He really loves this! eg- 70% of the time we have to go back and dump the guy in the gloop 😉 AND – he can see his progress! He knows he’s reading better and it has rebooted his interest and confidence!