I am completely satisfied with the system so far. Savannah has been showing a steady increase in her ability on easy read and we have noticed a huge confidence in her abilities with her other daily reading assignments even though she still struggles with some larger words she is applying her knowledge and attempts to sound out the words rather than guess the most logical word to fill in. We are currently reading a few other books together with her younger sister (Harry Potter series & Disney the Never Girls Series) a few times a week and they both enjoy reading a few paragraphs each chapter, as we progress through the books. We sometimes take breaks from this when things get too busy, but we always return to reading, it’s something all of us enjoy doing together. Savannah’s younger sister Natasha is very supportive of her Big sister on easy read and enjoys watching her do her lesson most nights, and if asked by her sister, does also help her out if she is having difficulties. Natasha is 7 turning 8 next month, so they both enjoy the same stories and if Natasha wasn’t available due to her own homework assignment from school, Savannah loves to share the story updates with her. Some of the cities in the Place name game (I think it’s called) are a little confusing being she hasn’t heard of a lot of the city’s but she still enjoys the task. There have only been a few words we have been trying to decode that we might have used the octopus rather than the uncle to pronounce the word but nothing that causes me much concern because when we see the word the next day or sometimes we can’t wait and tap the word to see, we understand why, just a little bit of Canadian coming out in us.