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I discovered the Easy Read system online after doing a lot of research to try and identify the problem my daughter had with reading. The school kept saying she was on par for her grade but I knew something was wrong as her reading was deteriorating and the guessing was becoming a worry.  She also started hating the 42 page books that came home from school each day as they took 2 hours to read and it was overwhelming for her.

After reading the story of Jamie on the site it was like reading about my own daughter and I knew I had found the problem. We signed up for the trial program and she immediately loved it. It was quick and fun and exactly what we needed after we had tried tutors and reading more (big disaster)

We are on lesson 55 now and the guessing has stopped. We have quite a way still to go but I am really happy with the improvement so far and the excellent support from David and Sarah. I have also signed up my son as his reading was not as bad as my daughters but his comprehension level was really low.

Thank you David and Sarah. There is light at the end of the tunnel.