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I have nothing bad to say about Easyread! Six weeks in and Harry still loves the lessons and it is now part of the routine each morning- 7 days a week. He has never complained or asked to ‘do it later’ so well done!

Your support has been fantastic and probably one of the main things I, as a mum really love about Easyread. From having to try and help Harry with reading, phonics, confidence building every day it seems like someone else is doing all the hard work! When Harry has found a lesson a problem I have sent an email and received an almost instant reply to tell me how to deal with the situation or just that the behaviour is normal! The emails to Harry have been a great confidence booster- being told he is doing so well and that things are hard but don’t give up mean so much more to him coming from you guys rather than us!!

Harry is now much faster at reading the text and is re-reading each first page after decoding until it is fluent. He is now quick at it and often says that there is not so much to read any more!!

His confidence is growing and we do see him trying to decode words on signs or in shops AND chapter books have been added to his Christmas list!!! A very exciting 6 weeks in our household! Thank you to everyone who has an input with Easyread- well done!

– S