I have to say that overall easy read has been a miracle for Aaron. He can now read fluently and for the first time last week he actually lifted a book and sat and read it himself. I was so proud of him especially when I look back last March he could hardly read books of his age. He has progressed so much and we are 3 quarters the way through Black Beauty which I never believed he would achieve. His spelling still needs practice but it is much better. The only thing we experienced which was difficult was when the decoding pictures were changed. It took much longer to decode as we were so used to the original ones. The other thing now is the games are too easy for him which is a positive thing. The only one that is good is the spell race as he still hasn’t achieved his full potential there. I just want to thank you all for your help and support. I think I will continue on for a while as I would like Aaron to finish the present book. I now need an easy maths system!!!!