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Easyread is an absolutely delightful program to use. We are into our seventh week in the program, and I have no complaints or worries whatsoever. The program is engaging, enjoyable and I see tremendous success already. We have been through more than our share of dull programs that don’t work, and I can see a change in my son as he moves through Easyread. He is gaining confidence to the point that he is trying to decode any words he sees around him. He had given up trying to do that because he was unable to do so before. Being unable to read is such a hindrance in one’s life, and so devastating to one’s self-image. I am so grateful to have found Easyread in my online research, and I so appreciate the continuing contact and concern on the part of the Easyread team. I have only to send an email if I have a question, and in no time I receive a satisfying response. I feel that the Easyread team cares for my son personally, that they know his struggle. That sets this program apart. I highly recommend it.