I asked Betsy what she liked and didn’t like about Easyread and she said: “I like everything and there is nothing I don’t like”.

I am happy with the programme in that I have seen great improvement already in 6 weeks in terms of her approach to reading outside of Easyread (she is happy to do it and has stopped guessing and instead sounds out new words) and her accuracy (the silly mistakes on short words seems to have stopped almost completely).

Betsy is still enjoying all the games and activities – even ones she found harder (name game and rhyme time) she is getting the hang of and enjoying more.

In terms of concerns: the main (actually only) concern is that the actual reading part of the lesson seems very short. In that she has one word per page (so no need to re-read phrases yet as such) and it is over and done with very quickly. When will she see something more like a page of text?

I still haven’t gotten to grips with the eye tracking – and it is my fault for not getting the 10-10 done. Maybe the school holidays will be the best time to really get on top of this?

I have recommended Easyread to a number of people now as I think it is a great programme. I have seen good results just in 6 weeks and am encouraged to continue with the programme. Betsy has already moved up a couple of reading levels at school and has just been picked to read aloud in the school carol concert 🙂