Hi David,

I would like to thank you on my and my husband’s behalf for the wonderful program that you developed.

William has been doing it now for three weeks (including the free 10 introductory trial) and he has been loving it and we believe progressing very well.

I have been a little sceptical at the beginning as I couldn’t find anything that would keep William interested in and progressing in the reading.

Despite his little frustrations every now and then, he seems to enjoy the decoding the sentences and all the games that are associated with the learning program.

He has got particularly stimulated when the reward arrived in mail this week.

We haven’t expected that and it was marvellous surprise for William and absolutely #1 motivation.

He loves the Spy glasses and yesterday the magnifying glass arrived and he has been over the moon and wants to do your program over and over again and ideally non-stop, so that’s a good idea to tell him to have a break and try later on.

It seems altogether that the program is designed just perfectly for him.  He is really responding very well to all the tasks and games altogether and we have found that his reading has also improved along the way already.

I have wanted to ring via Skype earlier to THANK YOU, but our evenings are a little crazy in our household and by the time it all slows down I am ready for bed, so my apologies that I am emailing instead.

Many thanks again.

Kind regards,