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I am very impressed by the program to date. I have seen a significant improvement in Thomas’s reading already, as has his teacher.

This program is the last thing I was prepared to try, as we have spent A LOT of money on various expert assessments which left all of us feeling terrible. One woman even told us Thomas might never be able to live independently!! Every assessment seems to assume an ability to read even when you are seeking help due to delayed reading!!

Since you identified his eye problems his progress has been incredible. Watching the amazement on his face when he first realised that he could read the words on the page was one of the best days of my life!!! From there I have been excited to see his confidence improving all the time. Once upon a time I would have to almost complete Thomas’s homework myself, now he gets it done on his own.

I can see him improving every day with his decoding skills and I am having to support him less and less with this as well. I think there is some improvement in the spelling as well which has been a major problem for us until now. I am really thrilled with the program and I have been recommending it to friends and colleagues. I only wish I had found you years ago.

– D