When Karl started Easyread, his mum Jennifer told us he was considered to be behind his peers in English reading at his Spanish immersion school. Karl is a highly visual-spatial learner, and compensated for his decoding difficulties by guessing short words when reading, which appeared to resemble words he had come across in texts before. So much time and energy was spent on retrieving words from his memory, that Karl’s reading comprehension was suffering. Reading was a stressful time for the whole family.

Now, Karl is independently reading each night and getting 10/10 on his spelling tests in school! Read the full case study on Karl’s Easyread journey below.

What was reading like for your son before Easyread? Main concerns/reading age level/frustrations etc?

Reading with my son was very frustrating. Although we read together since he was a baby, his reading level was at least about a year behind his classmates.

How was Easyread a good fit? What were the highs and lows of the Easyread experience for you?

Easyread helped me relax by teaching me that short success stories were more important than getting through the same material his class worked on. 

What was the direct result of going through the process for Karl, in terms of reading and spelling improvement, confidence gains, etc.? What has that meant for you?

My son instantly became more confident and I was less frustrated. By focusing on what was done well with the lessons each night he started reading more words on his own. He is still a little behind his classmates, but he reads books on his own for about 15-20 minutes each night much more fluently and comfortable.

When he sounds things out, he does so very logically. Karl is great at spelling and usually gets 10/10’s each week.


And here is a topical photo of Karl with a carved pumpkin!