Dear Sarah,

apologies – I completely forgot to reply to your message. Eye tracking has gone well and we still get him to do exercises now and then. He seems to have had a great breakthrough and is improving in fluency. He was given a book to read from school today, and while there were a couple of guesses and I dare say he was using memory some of the time as it was a rhyming book – he was using his finger to track the words mostly and I have never seen him do that before. We keep positively reinforcing him for his efforts in trying to remain positive in tackling Easy Read. He does not get much homework from his primary 5 teacher but his attitude has drastically improved. We no longer get any sort of tantrums – well not to do with reading!!! He definitely has made a major breakthrough though. Thanks to you and the wider team behind Easy Read for giving people the chance to overcome optilexia. I really don’t know what words to use that could come anywhere near expressing how much this has changed all of us for the better. We have such a renewed optimism and Aaron asked me if I would buy him a book for Christmas. I suggested that we could ask others to buy him books too but he did not like that suggestion – opting to stick with toys for the most. But he wants me to buy him a book – and that will be an absolute privilege. No-one could give me a better Christmas present than Aaron asking me for a book to read! Thank you.