I have to tell you I was very skeptical about this program and how it was going to get my son to read better. I kept saying how is this process going to work? One thing my son is very good at is memorizing things. He managed to memorize all the easy read pictoral diagrams. I\’m not sure if you are able to see march 8th lesson but at the end you have pictures and letters underneath and he was able to sound out the word like a champ. I have never ever seen my son sound out a word by sounding out each letter. When he reads he usually just says the word as he memorized up to a grade 2 level. That is a lot of words to memorize. I was in tears. He did each word in 20 seconds and there was no pauses at all. I cleary see how this program is going to work and I will continue with easy read and honestly cant wait for the next lesson