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I think we are going to stop doing the lessons now. Unfortunately we got out of the habit of doing the lessons during the summer holidays and whilst we were away on holiday and it feels natural to stop now having had the break rather than pick it up again for just a couple more weeks.

Thank you so much for all your help and support over the last year with Lucy. I really feel like Easyread has made a big difference and we are so happy we found you. Before we started Lucy’s writing was very difficult to read, her spelling was so phonetic you had to decipher it to read it. Her teacher used to say he would take her work home with him to mark because he knew it would take him longer to read than the others! She also had problems reading that we hadn’t previously detected, we hadn’t realised she was struggling and that she had been guessing lots of words.

Her reading has improved enormously and she was proud to have been moved up a group in reading in her class at the start of the new school year.

Her writing has also improved so much, it it much clearer and can be read easily. Her spelling has also improved a lot. It still needs some work but I would say that the mistakes she makes now are more what you might expect of a 9 year old, and don’t affect your ability to read her writing in the way they used to.

Thanks again