“I thought I’d let you know that Sapphira did Spell Drive herself for the first time ever today and she really enjoyed it.

She is very resistant to doing anything outside her comfort zone and because we had had all the problems before with it not working as it should, that also put her off, but she is suddenly starting to really pick up on the spelling.

I think she made a couple of mistakes on it cos her finger slid to the next key in her enthusiasm to hit the key quickly but not because she couldn’t spell the word!

Also her reading has just jumped up a huge step. Easyread has been so crucial for her in boosting her confidence but today especially, even though we were really late doing Easyread cos of afternoon clubs, she read so fluently and was putting such a lot of expression into the reading. So much so that today we were talking about the punctuation and where to pause when reading.

Thank you. I’ll reassess when we get to the end of this book [about finishing the programme] which we are both enjoying but I think she is there now and I’m so impressed.”

A very happy mum to 6 year-old Sapphira at lesson 195.