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I thought I’d give you an update of the progress Andrew has made since beginning Easyready. In April 2012, at age 7, Andrew was diagnosed as dyslexic, with giftedness in visual spatial areas but poor phonic awareness, and very poor reading ability. He was unable to spell and had profound problems reading and writing, despite scoring highly in maths. Soon after the diagnosis, we began Easyread. Within two months of Easyread I noticed a real difference. Andrew started to decode words, read sentences, and read signs on the street. His spelling improved and about a year into the programme, he began to read novels for pleasure – I never thought I’d see the day! Nearly two years later, he has been tested again by an educational psychologist. He still has a cognitive profile which matches dyslexia, but he has (at 9) the reading age of a 13 year old. His phonics score was also good. He still has weaknesses – particularly processing speed, and is about a year behind for his spelling age, but I am confident that with more work we can also improve his spelling. So thank you Easyread, I am very grateful for the help and I am confident that this has made the crucial difference for Andrew. I am happy to contacted as a referee for other interested parents, particularly those dealing with dyslexia.