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I have some very exciting news to share…

I actually cried last night I was so proud of Izzy! Usually I read a bedtime story to her and because I’ve done this for near on 7 years now, I was utterly gob smacked when she told me that she was reading ME the bedtime story. She insisted that I didn’t butt in, or help her in any way. Izzy proceeded to read no less than three books to me: Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Bossy and Dog Loves Books. She read with beautiful flow, fluency, and she read each book taking note of punctuation, and speech marks.

I could tell that none of this was reading from memory, she read each word and sounded out a handful of the bigger words.

I am so, so proud of her and so thankful to you guys. I just cannot believe what she did last night – I was in tears and hugging her telling her how proud I was-she was beaming from ear to ear!