To review Easyread so far, I would have to say it has been wonderful.  We are 6 weeks in and I see results!

My son is in 2nd grade and started the year out failing reading.  His first tests in reading were graded at 47%, 35%.  By week 4 of Easyread he was up to 68% and 76%.  By 6 weeks his average for reading is a 89% with 100% on the last 2 reading tests.

He has gone from crying and frustration at just pulling out a book to smiling and reading 30-40 page books in less than 15min!!  I could not ask for more this program has been easy enjoyable for him!  Confidence is key and he now feels much more confident and even reads to his 4 year old brother.

In regards to Nathan rereading for fluency, he started the Three little pigs and had to reread 4-5 times before he was fluent.  Now he may have to reread once.  WOW!  is all I can say.
Thank you so much for this wonderful program.  It is costly but priceless to see my child succeed!

– P