When we started home schooling last year I was concerned at how much Ben seemed to be struggling with reading and writing in English (he attends a Welsh medium school.) We did the Easyread programme together and his reading and his confidence in reading has now improved dramatically – words that he still finds difficult don’t create blocks to reading the rest of the sentence.

His teachers have told me that his whole approach to learning is much better – he enjoys it now, because he’s not struggling with the basics and he’s much more confident in asking for help when he needs it. I believe this is because the Easyread system demonstrates that having a little help (with the use of the trainer text, or just by asking if there’s no trainer text available,) is a part of learning and nothing to be embarrassed about.

He enjoyed the programme, and loved the prizes and certificates. I’ll miss our early morning routine of doing Easyread together but now we’re both looking forward to moving onto real books and reading them together instead. Thanks Easyread!

– M