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I am so impressed with the Easyread system! I noticed a massive improvement in Jaydon’s confidence and enjoyment of reading from very early on. Now that we are well into the system, I can defintely see an improvement in his reading on Easyread. He frequently tells me how easy the system is, and how clever he is because he is doing so well. It is never a struggle to get him to do Easyread (particularly level 2 – level 1 was quite a lot of information in a very short time and felt more difficult at the time.) I am amazed, especially when he is reading using only the Easyread characters, that he sounds out some words just as quickly as I can!

I know you said there might not be a significant improvement in his normal reading just yet, but I think there has been a noticeable improvement. From the start of the school year, we were told he needed a “hurry up” in his reading. Fast forward to now and I think he is in the top reading group, reading easily at the level expected for his age. I don’t care about what reading group he is in but it is just to illustrate that he has obviously shown an improvement in the classroom too. What I am most excited about is that he is confident to try reading all sorts of things now. He will see a sign as we are driving, sound it out and work out what it says. Same goes for his the books in his bedroom. He is also applying Easyread skills to the books he is bringing home. He is even helping to teach his younger brother how to sound out and blend sounds together. Fantastic!!

So all in all, we are happy. Keen to get his younger brother on it when he turns 5.

Happy for you to quote anything I’ve said.

Many thanks, Shanel