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OMG her favorite thing on Easyread is the Writing Lab. She absolutely loves it to the point where we’ve added a daily writing prompt to her workbook time. We are both super excited by her new found ability to write. While she still makes mistakes frequently, she often gets words correct or the mistakes she makes are related to phonetically undependable letters (c, k, a, o, and that silly g can’t make up their minds) I read this to her and we discussed the suggestion of picking just 2-3 words and writing them three times correctly to help her get the spelling down. At first she was hesitant, but when I insisted that it was her choice she said she thinks it will be a good thing to do with her daily writing prompts. So here we go.

Also, sorry, you guys are like my co-workers on this homeschooling reading journey, man, I see her improving in reading everyday. Making better guesses about whether this oo will say ook with a book, or oon on the moon, or whether this w or k is silent, or whether this vowel ignores the bossy e. Also, she has started reading individual words all over the place and the other day she sat down and read me a short book she had only heard read once. Prior to Easyread she wouldn’t have had an idea how to tackle that.