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Hi Sarah,
Thanks for your email. We have ddefinitelyseen progress in Reana’s reading – its been like a light bulb has been switched on in her head – she is now looking at words and trying to decode them on her own, she is looking at words all around her in her environment and trying to figure them out for herself. Without the easy read pictures above the words she is still at the stage of just decoding CVC words like pin, cat, hut, dog etc but she can do it now – which is incredible as at the start of September she was completely baffled by it all. This is coupled with the support her primary school is giving her, they know we are doing easyread with her and have backed off on her reading her reading book from school every day, they are also giving her one to one with an adult looking at her phonics and supporting her reading, so this has obviously played a part too. But without a doubt easyread has kicked started the whole process. She has responded really well to the visual learning process and can now read words just by the pictures (with no letters shown) – I am certain she is absorbing all this partly through a sort of osmosis process where she is just becoming so familiar with the pictures she is just starting to know the words. Her reading is still at its very early stages though, she is only just recognising the word ‘a’ and ‘the.

– C (Reana, age 5)