It has been interesting to watch the progress over the first part of the course. William found the first stage initially difficult to decode but has made steady progress. His normal reading maintained the same level. When we hit around lesson 50, what I observed was that William’s normal reading speed and comprehension reduced and this was borne out by his school comprehension test, significantly worse that he scored in the term before. However, as we now move towards lesson 90, we are seeing the speed and fluency of his reading improving again. He rereads the phases very quickly without making a mistake. Although the decoding text is still slow. The spelling is improving and William is more confident in trying to spell a word he doesn’t know. He wouldn’t have even tried to spell the word a few months ago. The Easyread is definitely working.

So you asked; Have you delivered on your promise? My answer is unequivocally YES!

Thank you so very much.

Kind regards