There was a huge improvement when he started it was Night and Day difference and only after a short time.

He went from crying and getting worked up about reading and going to school that he now reads everything street signs, books that he wants to buy, menus at restaurants, subtitles in Movies and anything else that he can.

Even teachers have noticed a huge change in his reading at school (granted they think it is from them helping him) but we know the real reason: Easyread.

We do want to say thank you for creating this program that truly does work.

We were looking into getting private tutors or going to a tutoring center but they do not guarantee their work. How could you go wrong with Easyread when you first gave free trial and then have a money back guarantee for the first 3 months no question asked. It was worth trying, we needed to do something to improve our sons reading, and how could you go wrong if you do not see an improvement that you can get your money back. And trust me, we saw a HUGE difference in that short of time.

I have nothing to complain about, sure could say the same thing about how much it is. But is there a price to high to pay to get your child the help that he needs.

Thank you.