It’s hard for me to describe just how utterly thrilled we are with Charley’s progress using the system. I can’t believe how far she has come in such a short space of time. Her confidence has grown so much that she’s happy to try to write things a little bit now and last week she picked up some easy books and started reading them to herself and us. This has given her even more confidence and she is desperate to get her hands on any easy book she can to read to herself.

She’s been kept in a phonics class with her peers now where they were planning to move her back into the reception class for phonics at the beginning of September and it’s all thanks to your amazing programme.

We are very careful to follow the golden rules each time and when she gets tired (which is quite a lot at the moment) we keep the lessons really short but we are still doing them every day where possible. She’s in a very good routine with them now and seems to really enjoy them.

– K (mum of Charley, lesson 75)