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“I would highly recommend the ‘Easyread’ learning technique to any parent whose child is having difficulty learning to read and spell at school.

It’s very frustrating and upsetting to see your child struggling with simple readers when all their classmates seem to be powering ahead.

It involves a 15-20 minute online exercise daily which is made as interesting and engaging as possible.

Even David’s voice on the recordings is friendly and very motivational.

My 6 year old has gone from tears doing his homework to picking up a book and proudly reading to us. He also offers to spell words on long car journeys where previously he would totally refuse any such games.

I can’t say it’s a breeze getting yourself and your child to sit down every day but Easyread send out small motivational gifts to the child every few weeks to help keep them motivated. They constantly give positive feedback to yourself and your child as you go through the program. They are extremely nice people and seem genuinely interested in achieving a successful outcome for your child.

I would like to thank David and the Easyread team for all their help. We’ve had a very positive experience and outcome having embarked on the Easyread program.”

Gráinne, mum of (now) 7 year-old Darragh