Regarding Jamie’s progress, in short it has been pretty impressive. You remarked quite early in the programme that his transfer from reading in his lessons to reading short items which he saw on TV or in papers and magazines was taking place earlier than expected. Well this has continued, to the extent that some weeks ago he asked us to buy a book which he saw in a shop, and subsequently asked for more books in the series. (Diary of a wimpy kid). Having read a few of these he has gone on to other books and reads more or less anything he see’s. The biggest benefit of course is in his education. Where he had been severely disadvantaged, he is now very much up to speed with his classmates. He has gained in confidence and now has days when he says he has enjoyed being at school. A minor miracle in itself. Easyread has been worth every penny. It has benefited Jamie immeasurably and we can only say thankyou. Your style of teaching and the methods involved have been perfect for him. In the last two or three weeks he has shown a flagging interest but has been willing enough to press on with a little encouragement. His reading still isn’t perfect, but we bear in mind that he is still only a 10 year old. He wants to add something himself so I will now leave him to it. For myself, thankyou.  – Alan
I think Easyread has helped a lot with my reading. I have been reading road signs and been picking book’s up and reading them. I have been reading pretty much anything I see. But the best thing I have done is I saw a book in a shop and liked the look of it so I got it and then all of a sudden I started to read. It is called Diary of a wimpy kid. All thanks to you David and Easyread .