JT’s last parent teacher conference at school was so positive, he has passed into “average” scores on the standardized testing they do and the teacher was really impressed with his progress! I don’t think he had one single AhHA moment but we suddenly have looked back over the summer and thought…”He is reading without struggle…when did that happen” He originally said he wanted to finish easy read for the sake of finishing but I really feel he has progressed beyond the need for it. We would like to go ahead and stop our membership now. I plan to use easy read (and much earlier) for my 3yr old maybe next year or when he starts kindergarten. I really credit your program for finally making things click for JT!! Is there any way to get a refund for July’s payment since we haven’t been using the program? Please let me know if I should make the request some other way. I really do appreciate all your help and your wonderful program and customer service. I am sad to end our relationship even though it means JT doesn’t need it anymore!!!