Hi David,
Just thought you’d like to see Charlotte’s teacher’s reply to my request last week on how she felt Charlotte was doing after 7 months of EasyRead…….

Charlotte has had a marked improvement in the effort she is putting into her work as well as her spelling success. As you know, Charlotte has also been accessing support during literacy and mathematics with teacher aides and is also attending reading comprehension lessons three times a week with a teacher aide this term.

Her bookwork and willingness to complete challenging tasks has been fantastic. I’ve attached the work I showed Jon the other day as well as her attempt at completing a rewrite on an exemplar text.

At the end of last term, we completed another diagnostic spelling test. While Charlotte’s spelling age is still between 6.5 and 7.2, she almost doubled her raw score from the beginning of the year which demonstrates her improved ability to identify spelling patterns in unknown words.

It has been a pleasure watching Charlotte grow so much this year and it’s pleasing to see her self-pride and happiness in the classroom.


We are very encouraged by Charlotte’s progress and renewed interest in her school work.

– S (mum of Charlotte age 9, lesson 191)