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Just want to let you know Ava was reading the back of a bag of chips (crisps to you) tonight! And she was reading words like protein, sodium, calcium, iron, ect. It was shocking! And amazing! Walter and I were wowed.

Things are really clicking for her. She is whipping through her Easyread lessons. The monkey jungle juggle is “easy” for her now (her words) and I’ve noticed that the words are getting trickier, but not tricky for her. She is a perfectionist, which I think was a big hurdle for her to overcome to read in the first place, she hates getting things wrong and won’t try because of it.

Her 2 teachers have nothing but great things to report.  To think we were going to switch schools last year because of one incompetent teacher. With your program and lots of work from Ava, she has come sooooo far. We might have had to write off her grade 2 year, but I think we are all helping her catch up. A big thank you to your program and all your support.