Although Katherine should not be showing signs of improvement yet she definitely is! There are some very positive comments from her Teacher in her Reading Record and she is gaining in confidence at home, tackling new books and magazines. She is constantly asking to read to me or her Father whereas she would do anything rather than pick up a book before. I am so looking forward to her ‘expected’ improvement, Katherine is a poor loser and I think she can sense victory ahead too hence her enthusiasm!
One of the good things about Easyread is the length of time the lessons take, she never has time to get tired of it and is really excited when we get a prize codeword.
Perhaps the story (Three Little Pigs) is a little too long, she is now wanting the story to end.
One thing, she is still mistaking her D’s for B’s but not often the other way round. This is when she tries to read faster – although I wouldn’t say she was guessing because she does decode unfamiliar words. I’ve noticed the this is also the case when she is reading the story with just the characters too, is this ‘normal’or has she just associated these characters with either/or B and D?

Many thanks Joanne