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Kyle has dyslexia and struggled with reading and spelling. The school system didn’t know how to meet Kyle where he was at and Kyle was very quickly being left behind in these areas. This caused Kyle to have very low self esteem and little confidence in his reading and spelling abilities. It was often difficult to motivate Kyle to practice spelling and reading.

Kyle did extra courses through the school to help him learn the different techniques used to assist with reading. Kyle was also provided an aid to assist him with reading his textbooks so he didn’t get behind but none of these helped Kyle learn to read or spell because they didn’t meet Kyle’s learning style. They also didn’t motivate Kyle to practice more. Reading and spelling were just a chore.

While it took a few days for Kyle to adjust to Easyread, Kyle enjoyed the short time intervals and how reading and spelling were being taught in a way that he could understand and process. The games, decoding characters and constant encouragement motivated Kyle to continue to practice. The reading and spelling became a natural part of the day that Kyle looked forward to. Kyle now reads chapter books and isn’t afraid to pick up a pencil to write.

Thanks so much for being a wonderful part of our journey!

– M