I’m delighted that she loves doing it. She has moved from guessing the words and taking ages to decipher to almost reading it smoothly first time. So that is wonderful to see. last night also she sat down and said she was going to write a book and proceeded to do some writing. It was hard to decipher, but with a little help she did really well. She’s never shown any real interest in actually writing anything that’s not just a squiggle or her name.

I think the program is excellent, and I love the way you keep an eye on how happy she is and called me when she wasn’t happy. The prizes are great. I am optimistic. The teacher thinks she is dyslexic and she is going for screening for this through the school, and with some things in your program I can see this, eg she will read bowl as blow, and gets things the wrong way around, but the program allows us to deal with words one at a time without feeling pressure. The senco in the school had heard of your program and was very pleased Grace is on it. I can’t really think of how you could improve it, but I do know Grace loves it when she gets messages of encouragement from you, but I think you have all that covered.

– J