The lessons are really fun and really quick. It sometimes feels like it’s done before we’ve begun. He is enjoying it, so it’s one thing that doesn’t feel like a battle to get him to do!

I expected it to feel more like hard work! Maybe it’s because it’s early days and David did warn us it would get harder. Having said that it does feel like the right level for him, but we’re just used to everything to do with learning to read feeling difficult and frustrating, a bit like wading through treacle. This he can actually do.

I do feel confident that this is right for him. Everything about retraining children’s brains to decode words rather than guess, really resonates. It has long confused me how he seems more able to read longer words more easily than shorter ones – now i understand it’s because all the shorter words look the same (what, why, when, where, who etc) and so there are lots of different possibilities and he guesses the wrong one.

Listening and reading about the Easyread philosophy felt a bit like reading about my own child. It all felt so familiar.

– S