Liam has been doing EasyRead for about 9 months.

Liam’s reading at the end of the first semester of Grade 4 was behind by about 2 years, getting a D on his report card. We had spent a small fortune trying to help him but nothing worked. I started doing some research and came across EasyRead on the internet. I thought I would give it a go.

We did the initial 10 lessons and Liam found the exercises fun and not really like homework. Previously it was a chore to get him to do homework. I spoke with Liam’s teacher and explained the program and she agreed that instead of the set homework Liam could do his EasyRead lessons, he also took a sheet of the characters to school.

At first we did not see any improvement, if anything Liam’s reading slowed a little when reading normal text at which point we stopped reading text and limited it to the EasyRead lessons.

Toward Christmas time of last year, after approximately 100 lessons we started to notice a marked improvement in Liam’s reading. EasyRead had taught him how to read again. Liam was reading words that he would never had attempted previously, with the assistance of the EasyRead characters. He still received a D at the end of Grade 4, but myself and his teacher had noted a marked improvement.

Liam has now completed the first semester of Grade 5 and 200 lessons of EasyRead, and his results were amazing. At then end of Semester 2 Grade 4, Liam’s reading test was a level 28, he has now jumped to Level 40 gaining a C grade.

More importantly the improvement in Liam’s confidence is unbelievable. He will now read in front of others, he doesn’t feel different. The day he received his C for reading, his teacher wrote me an email stating he could not believe the improvement in Liam’s reading in such a short period of time.

I will be forever in debt to David and the team, for providing me with a learning tool that Liam enjoyed doing but more importantly delivered the results.

I have been provided support from the team every step of the way. I became Liam’s teacher, I can now read EasyRead too!

Thank you K

PS. Liam has been telling me that EasyRead has been helping him so much especially now he is on the same reading level as his friends.