Logan’s reading has significantly improved in the past month or two. His teacher noticed a significant difference and said he’s jumped several levels in his reading level. This is all great news. We find him now reading signs when we’re out and about, he’s reading subtitles in movies etc. He’s been writing a lot more as well and we feel as though his spelling has dramatically improved. The biggest thing that’s helped him is his confidence has increased dramatically. He’s been writing 2-5 page books at school each day on his own. Each time there are more and bigger words added to his stories. It’s as though something has “clicked” in his brain when it comes to reading which is amazing to see.

We are just so pleased at his progress and can’t keep telling him enough that we’re so proud of him because his hard work is really paying off now.

We’re very thankful to have found Easy Read because I think Logan would be still having significant issues. Logan’s teacher has been so perplexed by Logan all year because she indicated that he’s so advanced in just about every area of school but reading. The teacher said Logan is a mystery to her since he doesn’t have any of the other issues that kids who have trouble with reading have (e.g. dyslexia, behavioural issues etc.). I think Logan is the exact type of learner David talks about in his interviews/commercials for the program. Logan’s teacher is going to look into Easy Read more because of the results she’s seen in Logan.

All in all I think Logan is progressing very well and continues to improve each day!

– J