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We are definitely noticing that she has improved…actually by leaps and bounds. I do have to be very careful that she doesn’t revert back to “guessing”, but all in all, the positive by far, out-weighs the negative.
I have some trouble trying to get her to do the eye-tracking exercises, but I am still trying to get that accomplished.
We are very happy with the program, and K really likes that the lessons are not too long…she doesn’t seem to find it too overwhelming this way.
The only thing that she requires my help for sometimes is when the word doesn’t match the picture because of the accent of the narrator. Other than that, everything seems to run smoothly so far.
That’s all I can think of at this time.
Thanks so much for this program…her confidence is growing in reading and that makes my heart swell. It’s hard on any Mom’s heart when you see your child struggle with school work.