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Izzie is finding both games words and trainer text words about as easy as each other. Her general reading – i.e., school books, is MUCH improved. She has recently slowed down a little and reads with a flow. She is taking note of the sentences and if she carries on reading the next sentence as part of the previous, she begins the sentence again – I don’t know how to describe this, but she’s finding the flow of the text and knows when she’s read the flow incorrectly. She is now getting all the frequency words correct in her normal reading without the need to sound out.

She has stopped guessing all words in Easyread and probably about 98% of words in normal reading, only guessing when reading in context and predicting the next word etc if she doesn’t recognise it.

We’ve seen another huge improvement in her reading all round. She is enjoying the game top trumps at the moment and is able to read every single card in the game on her own.

Overall things are good and we’re seeing lots of improvement!

– S