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I did not want to leave before taking the time to thank you for this program and how it has transformed our son’s reading ability. I found you almost by accident. I was frustrated with the continued lack of growth we were seeing in our son’s reading and how the school never seemed to change its approach even though it was clear that approach was not working for our son. When I googled alternative reading help and saw the description of one of your successful pupils, I was amazed that it seemed to describe my son to a T! I made my husband read the description too and he was equally amazed. Someone had seen a reader like our son and had developed an approach just for him! And so we bit the bullet and jumped in and we are so grateful we did. Last week he earned the highest score he’s ever received on a reading test at school! And he actually gravitates towards longer chapter books these days when before he would choose the easiest picture books he could find to read. He has more confidence when he reads and understands more of what he reads than ever before. His ability to decode successfully has increased his vocabulary and language skills. Thank you for your work in developing this program. It was a financial stretch for us, but worth every penny and I am so glad we did it. Best wishes to all of you at the Easy Read program. Thank you for making your program available to kids across the pond here in the USA and for the phone calls and support and recognizing that kids who struggle are not less intelligent than others, they simply need a different approach to learning. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!