Hello! Our daughter, Lily was in the EasyRead program over a year ago. She continues to benefit from the program. She is a member of the GirlScouts and recently earned her Bronze Award. Part of earning the award is to give a short presentation on her project. She decided that she wanted to have notes to read from for her zoom presentation. In the past, reading in front of people has caused her to feel self-conscious. But she spent two days practicing her presentation and she did so well! She was articulate and clear and no one would ever guess that she has ever struggled with dyslexia. If you don’t mind, please share this with your team and, especially, David Morgan.We continue to be so proud of Lily’s efforts and were particularly so watching her present and earn her Bronze Award. We continue to remain so grateful for your excellent program.And today we were playing with her spy kit containing the prizes she earned through the program and laughing and celebrating the completion of her hard work.Eternal thanks from our family to everyone at EasyRead. We hope that you all are remaining healthy and well.Warmly,
– A