I hope you are well. We have had quite a breakthrough with Phoebe over the last three weeks.

In her routine (impromptu – not from memory) spelling tests at school, she has scored 12/14, 14/14 and 20/20 respectively, the school have recognised Phoebe for her performance and outstanding improvement.

We are are delighted, Phoebe well and truly has the spring in her step again….perhaps a little too much! But to go from a confused little girl to her current position is nothing short of amazing, we thank you for this, great job!

We are going to keep going, but Phoebe is making comments that the lessons can be too easy. I’m not sure how far away from the next shelf she is but it will certainly help to retain her interest.

I know you caution that parents are unlikley to see marked improvement within 90 days, we definietly saw it within 60.

I’m keen that we keep building on the solid foundation and will encourage Phoebe’s interest.