Thank you for all your help and the fantastic course which has transformed Seb’s reading so that he is keen, enthusiastic and can read! We are thrilled. He says that Easy Read is the best thing that he learns. After being so desperate when we started it has been such a relief to stop hitting our head against the brick wall as it were and to be making progress and gaining confidence.

Seb would like to say “Thank you for teaching me how to read, now I am really good at reading. I liked the riddles very much. I loved Letter Quest, Fighter mission and Pinball. With the reading it made me really confident. When David spoke to me I was a bit embarrassed but I had a great big smile on my face. I didn’t like rereading the words but it did help me. I would have liked more pictures in the stories. I am looking forward to my own helicopter because it will be my own. Daddy has got one. Thank you for teaching me how to read. from Seb”