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I just want to say thank you for all your help with Orlanda and her reading. Before Easyread Orlanda found it really hard keeping up with her friends and she was significantly falling behind in her reading despite encouragement on all sides. It felt like we were somehow getting it wrong in every way. We were all being so encouraging but she seemed more and more frustrated, and despite lots of support seemed to start avoiding books more and more. She is a bright girl, we couldn’t work it out. Once we started Easyread however it was so so different. Orlanda switched from being a child that was downbeat about reading and avoided books and reading at all times, to a child who was keen to come and do her lessons each day. Nowadays, 6 months on, admitedly the gloss has worn off a little, and she isn’t always quite so keen to do lessons, but she never fully resists them, as she did her books at times. I do think underneath it all she really understands within herself how much we owe to Easyread for breaking the negative cycle of her non-reading times. Long may the progress continue!

Thank you

-Cluny and Orlanda.