Thank you very much, we have now received the helicopter for completing the course. I wish I had recorded my daughter’s reaction when she unwrapped it. She was dancing around the room saying “I did it, I did it!” We have both learned so much from this course. S has learned that she is capable, persistent and that it’s ok to find things difficult you just may need to try a new strategy. We knew very quickly by trying the free introductory lessons that this system was a good fit for us.

I have learned a lot from the training provided and also that a little patience and humour goes a long way ( thanks David). The Easyread course has exceeded my expectations it has helped me to understand the reasons for my daughter’s resistance to reading and provided us with the tools to overcome it.

My daughter is now a very proud, fluent reader. Thank you to the team for all your support, information and encouragement.

– J (mother of S, lesson 226)