We are delighted with Easyread.

Things that I really liked about Easyread:
1) No claims that “Your child will be reading in one week!” Nobody should really believe those and I like that you stuck to your guns from the beginning about it being a process.

2) Focusing on the positive. Aeryn really wanted to learn how to read and was struggling no matter how much effort she put forth and it was very frustrating for me too. Focusing on positive feedback every step of the way made her much more willing to keep at it when it was hard and I liked the fact that I was her cheerleader instead of her enemy.

3) The Reading Difficulties training program. I took the whole thing and it was a better reading training than any training I had as I taught in public schools. Speaking of which, it said I could get a certificate when I completed it, but I couldn’t figure out how. Is that still possible?

4) The tailoring and assistance built into the program.

Aeryn said that she’s tickled that she can read now.