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Just a quick note about Michael’s progress on the Easyread programme.

I’m thrilled to have found something that Michael enjoys doing and seems to be really working! I can already see an improvement in Michael’s understanding of phonic sounds whilst playing the game ‘Letter Quest’.

It has been quite a stressful time trying to find new ways to teach Michael reading and spelling techniques, but I now feel I have found something that is very different and tailored perfectly for dyslexia.

Some of the methods used at school seemed like a punishment, Michael would be given a spelling test then any words he got wrong he would be asked to re-write them up to 10 times and tested again! Not fun for him and was putting him off reading and writing!

I can understand why a regular ‘praise’ affirmation is one of the golden rules. Michael has heard a lot of negativity whilst learning at school. Often phrases like “oh come on – you can remember this one you’ve just wrote it before!” or “he just needs to work harder!”

This programme is perfect for my son who learns very visually.

The characters have been a massive success for Michael and he has learnt them all very quickly.