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On a VERY positive note:

When Cal was 8 or 9 he completed the DDAT course which helped with his reading a lot but, as he’s grown up he seems to have fallen behind with his reading again.

This was highlighted when he took a Critical Thinking AS level at age 15. he failed because he was relying on his reader too much. He resolved to improve his reading and we found Easyread.

In the short space of time we have been doing Easy read I have noticed an improvement in Cal’s word recognition but it was probably best exemplified when he took a recent test.

We are qualified to referee football both here and in America and we have officated at a tournament over there on several occasions. Each year American referees have to re-certify which means that they spend 5 hours doing online modules and then take a one hour written examination.

In previous years Cal has had a reader and has been getting over 90% each time. This year he opted to read for himself and got 87%! Proof indeed of the progress that he has made – I say this because questions about football rules are always complicated by the attempt to describe a playing situation and are never easy to follow.

If you need an anecdote to prove it is working please feel free to use this one!