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We think you are magical beings!!!! What you have done for Craig is just impossible to describe and I am so grateful that your solution was there for us. I think David is just a pure genius and Sarah you have been so supportive and patient with us all the way through.

Craig’s reading is incredibly fluent now – today he was reading a factual book to me and he read words like “artificial” and “synthetic” without even stopping to think. Its totally amazing the way you have transformed his reading…

Anyway, I would like to wish you every success with the continued development of Easyread. My sister is a primary six teacher at Craig’s school and is being challenged by a dyslexic student at the moment, so I might try and encourage her to get in touch about trialling it at our school. It seems so unfair that Craig has had this advantage and there are so many other struggling readers at the school that would undoubtedly benefit from Easyread and are currently being left behind.

Lots of love and thanks, thanks, thanks!