We have reached the final codeword and made huge progress! We had planned on this happening a month ago but Christmas and summer got in the way. We will take great care with the helicopter and ensure its used safely and will be our responsibility.

Thank you so much for the Easyread programme. Olivia has made huge progress in her reading and is now reading basic chapter books and is at the appropriate school reading level for her age. This is a completely different position to where we were a year ago when it was a struggle to even get through one sentence. She was a year behind in her reading.

The easyread system of doing 15 minutes a day has really worked for Olivia, as she was struggling to concentrate for longer than that when we started.

The other huge benefit of the easyread system is the help and support you receive and identifying other issues like the eyetracking. It is just not an online programme. We had tried those before and didn\’t work.