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His reading has improved no end and now he is lying in bed reading books by himself! At school he is motivated to read now and his teacher is rewarding him with house points each day for good reading.
With regard to easy read, he does seem to appear to be less motivated as he thinks that it is very repetitive but we reassure him that this all contributing to him reading more easily.
When reading a book (his current one is Percy Jackson and the Lightening Years!) he does struggle with some words and this is when he will guess. If he is reading with us we get him to sound out the word etc but when he reads in bed at night by himself i am sure that he is guessing some of the words and carrying on.
However, we feel that this is such a big leap to have gone from not reading to wanting to read by himself at night that we are not discouraging this.
I hope this is the correct thing to do. He does his easy read with either my self or my husband present so we can monitor how he is progressing.
It is not a quick fix and it is only really now that we are seeing the difference. I do however recommend you to parents at Matthews school as I believe this has been a truely positive experience for Matthew!
Kind regards